Thurow and Euro & some loose ends.

C. Petersen ottilie at
Wed Dec 30 09:08:52 PST 1998

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> Some earlier comments about the freaks on daytime talk shows got me ta
> thinking. For a long time now I've been telling people that these shows
> are put on so that the public will think the working class doesn't deserve
> a decent healthcare system.
> My friend Stella, who's interesting enough as it is, refused to go on Jerry
> Springer cause they wanted her to make stuff up. You'd think a gorgeous,
> clean and sober bi-sexual woman who works for the rights of sex workers and
> wears a dildo on stage fronting her lesbo band would be enough.

They definitely make stuff up. I know two sets of people who went on Jerry Springer and both pretty much made up their story or act. One was my friend Mica (who is a very quiet person actually) and her two friends, who said they had a love triangle and were pretending to yell at each other etc. and visually they had piercings and one had weird hair. I couldn't make it home that day so I never actually saw it. You can't feel guilty about lying to Jerry Springer in order to get a free trip to Chicago. The other set of people did almost the identical thing. I think 1/2 the people are just drama school dropouts. I suspect that a lot of the people on the other shows are telling the accurate truth about themselves though. The Jerry Springer show tends to have a uniquely staged-looking sort of quality.

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