Geopolitics of Leftism

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Wed Dec 30 20:48:47 PST 1998

Has anyone seen a movie called My Beautiful(Little?) Village? Yugoslav, I believe. Wonderful. Socialism seemed to have some place in some people lives, in some good ways. But then the Soviet officials in the city are just callous thieves. But in the village, many people's occupations seemed to be just taking care of their neighbors. This must be the part of socialism that people feel nostalgia for. And of course, haveing food and paychecks.

The story revolves around a mentally disabled young man, and what happens after his parents die and he is left on his own. A Soviet official wants his family home for himself, and talks him into going to the city.

I'd love to see it again, but the few times I've checked, it wasn't listed in the phonologue, or whatever it is.

Everyone have a groovy New Year. Smooches, Paula

PS. Damn, some of those Judy titles sure look interesting.

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