My Beautiful(Little?) Village

david dorkin ddorkin at
Thu Dec 31 00:46:42 PST 1998

The film was made by Jiri Menzel (a Czech) and Facets Video should have a copy available

pms wrote:
> Has anyone seen a movie called My Beautiful(Little?) Village? Yugoslav, I
> believe.
> Wonderful. Socialism seemed to have some place in some people lives, in
> some good ways.
> But then the Soviet officials in the city are just callous thieves.
> But in the village, many people's occupations seemed to be just taking care
> of their neighbors. This must be the part of socialism that people feel
> nostalgia for. And of course, haveing food and paychecks.
> The story revolves around a mentally disabled young man, and what happens
> after his parents die and he is left on his own. A Soviet official wants
> his family home for himself, and talks him into going to the city.
> I'd love to see it again, but the few times I've checked, it wasn't listed
> in the phonologue, or whatever it is.
> Everyone have a groovy New Year.
> Smooches, Paula
> PS. Damn, some of those Judy titles sure look interesting.

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