Question concerning race and class

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Wed Jul 1 07:44:15 PDT 1998

I've been watching the debate about racism/nationalism silently, mainly because I have little to add to what Max Sawicky and Jim heartfield have already said on the subject. I have, however, one question.

The proposition "End capitalist oppression!" entails a set of programs that, if implemented, are likely to achieve an empirically observable set of objectives stipulated by that proposition. Those programs may or may not get support of various interests groups, and thus may or may not be attainable under particular political-historical circumstances. But there is little doubt that the implementation of a program that, say, curtails private property rights will reduce the capacity of the "haves" to economically exploit the "have-nots," and will produce a more equitable distribution of economic resources.

When it comes to the proposition "End racism," however, I am at utter loss.

What the f**k are we supposed to do (individually or collectively) to achieve that end?

I hope nobody on this list seriously believes that schmoozing, throwing epithets at real or perceived enemies, "town meetings," street rallies or supporting a political campaign will have any measurable effect on "race relations" other than propelling a few entrepreneuring individulas to leadership positions.

So what a person like myself (an Eastern European immigrant of leftist persuasion) is supposed to do to 'end racism?' And while we are at that, can anyone describe to me how exactly the 'end of racism' looks like, so I can tell (instead of being told!) whether we have one or not?

Best regards,

Wojtek Sokolowski

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