against 'entrenched identities'

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Wed Jul 1 13:59:00 PDT 1998

> I can't pass up this opportunity to engage in some Michael Lerner-bashing.
> But I'll limit myself to politely pointing out that "radical jews of the
> Tikkun variety" is an oxymoron, despite Lerner's protests to the contrary.
> Cheers,
> Frances

I guesss I'll have to protest as well. I'm not really part of that crowd but they seem to be as radical as they need to be. Lerner's hobnobbing with Hillary reflects on his politics, and his politics of meaning may be problematic, but on the whole I don't think their character is fundamentally illiberal or unprogressive. They're all socialists, if not Leninist or Marxists. What's the problem?

Cheers, Max

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