against 'entrenched identities'

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Wed Jul 1 17:05:54 PDT 1998

I don't think their character is
> fundamentally illiberal or unprogressive.
> They're all socialists, if not Leninist
> or Marxists. What's the problem?
> Cheers, Max

I hope they're not marxist. It would just be one more barnacle on a fine old name.

The problem is, fundamentally, that Lerner is an utter jerk, a low life, an irredeemable sexist pig (only the old language comes close until a more vindictive epithet can be coined), who spreads slime on everything he touches, has no use for anyone who is not utterly subordinate to expanding the ego of Lerner. One need not hear more than one of his speeches or read more than one of his discourses to no longer wish to occupy the same universe with him. Decades ago when I was discussing the then newly formed New American Movement with a friend from San Diego I mentioned his involvement in its genesis and her reply was that it would be no sweat isolating Lerner. And lo and behold, he couldn't last in an organization he founded.

If you want to bother, go back to one of the earlier issues of Socialist Revolution and read an expose by a participant of how he ran an anti-war campaign in (I think) Seattle, disgusting particularly in his utterly callous treatment of women.

I hear he has never improved.


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