Michael Lerner bashing (was:Re: against 'entrenched identities')

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Thu Jul 2 07:20:01 PDT 1998

> . . .
> I think they are fundamentally unprogressive because I think they are
> fundamentally completely self-involved and happy in their comfortable
> little bourgeois berkeley ("Honey, did you send the check to the
> Tibetans?") way, and any serious commitment to progressive/radical
> politics would challenge that.

Francis and Carrol,

I've never met Lerner and don't know anything about him but what I read (past tense) in the papers. My reference was to the Tikkun folks as a group, a couple of whom I know, as harmless at worst and normal radicals at best.

The passivity and bourgeoisification described in this post could be applied with equal justice to many varieties of academic or middle class radical. I think we're being a tad ornery here. You did admit the desire to rant. Why not have an ice cream sundae?



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