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At the recently completed Fifth Post Keynesian Workshop in Knoxville, Tennessee, Robert Skidelsky made a point that Lynn Turgeon has made on occasion. It is that the earliest proposal for an entity resembling what the European Union is becoming was made in July, 1940 by Hitler's Minister of Economy, Walter Funk, the so-called Funk Plan. It was proclaimed to be a postwar system that would involve a multilateral clearing mechanism in Berlin in a free trade zone. Keynes developed his clearing mechanism proposal largely in response to this and incorporating elements from the existing Schachtian system under German control. Keynes's proposal became the basis for British proposals at Bretton Woods that were vetoed by Harry Dexter White of the US (curiously enough a Soviet agent). They would later resurface as the predecessors of the EU were developed.

Skidelsky noted that many of the actual authors of the Funk Plan were technocrats whose main concern was a Franco-German economic union and that some of these individuals were involved in the negotiations for the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), the original predecessor out of which the EU ultimately evolved. Barkley Rosser

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