Nike and the choices we don't have

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Do low-impact exersize that does not require fancy footwear. Or run on the beach. Or borrow from the world of finance and hedge your guilt: donate the portion of your purchase that represents surplus (reliably 90% of the purchase price) to some worthy organization dedicated to alleviating the plight of exploited workers and poor people. To be on the safe side, double it. This'll set you back maybe $500 but it's a small price to pay for fitness, pain free feet, and a social conscience.


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Since most of the folks who subscribe to this list know of the evils of Nike, Reebok, Converse and the other athletic shoe manufacturers in respect to their treatment of their workers, I'd like to pose a question. What do those of us who want to wear athletic shoes for basketball, soccer, cross-training, or any strenuous physical activity do when everything is made by either slave labor or the oppressed masses? When you look at the labels of any shoe in a foot locker or wherever, everything is made in China, Latin America, or SE Asia. This tends to imply to me that everything is made in an unsavory fashion in respect to human rights. My problem is that I still want to work out and doing so in shoes that don't fit their designed purpose is not going to make me or my feet feel good. So what's a person to do?

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