paranoid Jews? (was: RE: Michael Lerner bashing)

Frances Bolton (PHI) fbolton at
Sat Jul 4 09:06:29 PDT 1998


Thanks for your thoughtful and measured response. Having just read Joshua2's hysterical screed, I appreciate your response all the more. I recognize the part played by historical memory in Jewsh "paranoia." And I recognize that there are people who consider themselves "enemies of the Jews." But they aren't very powerful people. (yes, I know, nor was Hitler when he started out.) And I know that in Germany Jews enjoyed citizenship privileges. But they did *not* have as many powerful and diverse groups who were their explicit supporters and allies.

It is the lack of systematic oppression *plus* the powerful allies that, in my view, makes Jewish claims of victimization a bit hard for me to take seriously.

Cheers, Frances

> > On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Max Sawicky wrote:
> > >
> > > For the Jews to whom this applies, I would say the
> > > basis for the 'genetic' feeling is paranoia derived
> > > from actual or historical memory. After all, there
> > > aren't so many of us left. It's not hard to be
> > > wary of being isolated and endangered. Paranoids
> > > have enemies too.

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