Racism, politics, science, etc.

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at ix.netcom.com
Mon Jul 6 19:09:56 PDT 1998

Hello everyone, Wojtek's answers to various postings entirely satisfies my questions to him. I really appreciate the thought that went into his answers. Anyhow to be specific:

Wojtek 5. There is no relationship between capitalism and race (or other socio-demographic factors) other than purely opportunistic expediency. Blacks get raw deal not because they had been pre-destined to suffer on the altar of White prosperity, but because they fell through the cracks of the system that ignores those who have little to sell and exploits those who can get away with. That is it! There is no redeeming value in that experience, no special quality or deeper meaning. Those who think otherwise are fooling themselves, or rather opiating themselves with Messianistic ideologies once circulated among oppressed ethnic groups in Europe.

Doyle I knew that but got into this mindset that only if true social change happens will we get an end to racism. Of course, it is perfectly obvious that capitalism doesn't require racism!

Wojtek 4. There is a difference between psychology and psychologisms that runs along the sdame lines. Psychology is a legitimate science, if subjected to rules of emprical verification. Psychologism is is an attempt to reduce social reality to psychological or mental phenomena for political or economic expediency.

Doyle I really appreciate your taking the time to clarify this enough to make it clear to me. I find these things incredibly complex to sort out. I think you gave me some new levels of insight. I mean gotten my understanding sharper so I can distinguish things more clearly. regards, Doyle Saylor

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