a brief flame to ... (was ... nonsense)

Les Schaffer godzilla at netmeg.net
Mon Jul 6 23:35:11 PDT 1998

At 02:38 PM 7/7/98 +1000, Gary MacLennan opined: ->By that I mean it comes from a position of ->material privilege. People should read Trotsky's _In Defence of Marxism_ ->before they go all wet eyed over the Dalai Lama.

->Wake up you idiots who want to take a trip down nostalgia lane to ->feudalism.

i take it then from this shit that you dont know anything about Tibet and life there. is that right, or have i misunderstood your flame?

also, please advise who on this list is wet-eyed about ole dolly lama... as part of my compassion practice i will send tissues.

les schaffer

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