Dems: the stox and war party

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Tue Jul 7 11:20:30 PDT 1998

>>> Max Sawicky <sawicky at> 07/07 11:31 AM >>>
> For the 20th Century up until Carter, ALL of the
> Democrats went to war, and NONE of the
> Republican Presidents did. The Republican

Thank god for at least one president -- FDR -- who "went to war"; otherwise, neither of us might be around today.



Yes, I agree with Max. I "support" the war to stop fascism and its war machine. I was not trying to put forth a pro- Republican position. Nor do I think the Dems and Reps are just Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum; or that is only part of the picture. I do think the Democrats or liberals have a two-facedness or duplicity to their unique role in the U.S. bourgeois democratic republic ( the US. parties are aptly named). But the Republicans' or conservative "straightforward" reactionariness is not "better."

WW II was contradictory for the U.S. It was a war against fascism, but it was also an imperlialist war fulfilling capitalist imperialism's need for war. In the latter regard it fits the pattern of the role of Democratic presidents prosecuting the U.S. wars in the period described.

Charles Brown

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