to Barkley R. was Re: Tibet, etc.

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Tue Jul 7 20:45:06 PDT 1998

> However, the large-scale deaths there were mostly up
>front at the time of the invations. I have not read claims
>that the Indonesians are trying systematically to wipe out
>the Timorese.

This is precisely what the East Timorese are claiming. Likewise Chomsky and Pilger and anyone who knows what has been going on. You are an extremely learned man and cannot be expected to be aware of everything even if it is one of the great atrocities of our century, so I will assume you are not making a debating point but genuinely do not know what went on. If you are interested I will chase up some references for you.

> To Gary: Just what was it you wanted me to "say out"?
>Barkley Rosser

If you do not know then forget it.

regards Garyy

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