ontology of class and race? (was Alabama and Tibet (?))

C. Petersen ottilie at u.washington.edu
Wed Jul 8 16:48:24 PDT 1998

> submitted it here. The most laughable thing about Alterman's reply is
> promulgation of the New Deal as the kind of class politics he supports
> over identity politics. I don't have the Nation with me, so from what I
> remember...
> Aside from this, I think the guy is obnoxious prepster. I don't see how
> Robin Kelley was trying to play the race card; and the snideness of his
> reply to Pollitt surprised even me. I do think he has not a clue of how
> much hatred or latent hostility a black person, a woman, or lesbian or gay
> person often encounters from simply acting in a dignified and open way.
> I don't think I am the only one who sensed that latent hostility in his
> own column.

hmm. Theoretically, I have a subscription to The Nation, but somehow it only gets sent perhaps once every 4 weeks, and I haven't seen one in a month so I wasn't able to follow this. I read that Alterman went to Columbia university and was a dorm or roommate of George Stephanopoulos, so he doesn't have a particularly mundane background.

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