ontology of class and race? (was Alabama and Tibet (?))

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Thu Jul 9 09:47:33 PDT 1998

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, C. Petersen wrote:
> hmm. Theoretically, I have a subscription to The Nation, but somehow it
> only gets sent perhaps once every 4 weeks, and I haven't seen one in a
> month so I wasn't able to follow this. I read that Alterman went to
> Columbia university and was a dorm or roommate of George Stephanopoulos,
> so he doesn't have a particularly mundane background.

A few years ago when he was still working for Mother Jones I used to see him on C-SPAN's morning show. He was at the time working on a PhD. I've since heard he's now got an academic post. What's his phud in and where does he teach?


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