ontology of class and race? (was Alabama and Tibet (?))

Mike Yates mikey+ at pitt.edu
Thu Jul 9 04:38:50 PDT 1998


I only spoke of Italian-americans becasue I am one (on mother's side) and becasue they were so involved in radical labor before the war.

michael yates

Michael Eisenscher wrote:

> At 08:07 PM 7/8/98 -0400, Mike Yates wrote:
> >Friends,
> >
> >I would not want to underestimate the impact of WWII on the assimilation of
> >white ethnics and the hardening of racism. It seems to me that after the war,
> >Italian Americans, for example, were far more conservative than they had been
> >before it.
> >
> >michael yates
> >
> Michael,
> With the possible exception of African Americans and some newly arrived
> immigrants from "the colonies," can you identify any ethnic groups in the
> U.S. that did not become more conservative in the postwar decades? Were
> Italians so exceptional?
> Michael E.

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