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Fri Jul 10 09:51:56 PDT 1998

Well, I guess that is that. No more comments from me on this thread. But then, I've pretty much shot my wad. I only wonder which of the categories of reaction to McCarthyism the unhappy former LBO subscriber fit in to.

My apologies to anybody offended by what I have said, although I am not taking any of it back. No more from me on this.

BTW, Doug, how much do I owe you? Barkley Rosser (alias, Rotten Red-Baiting Scumbag) On Fri, 10 Jul 1998 11:25:06 -0400 Doug Henwood <dhenwood at> wrote:

> Wow. The Harry Dexter White thread prompted this outburst from an LBO
> subscriber (who shall remain nameless):
> >Dear Mr. Henwood,
> >
> >Please cancel my subscription to Left Business Observer. After following
> >your lbo-talk thread long enough to get a clearer understanding of what
> >you consider to be political discourse I've found I've had enough.
> >
> >The red-baiting of Harry Dexter White was the last straw.
> This is someone who's received almost 50 issues of LBO in his subscription.
> When I pointed out that he was cancelling for something someone else said,
> not me, and that I'd even made fun of the idea, I got this response:
> > It's not at all odd. You exercise editorial control over your
> >thread. You permitted red-baiting of Harry Dexter White to take place on
> >your thread. That shows me that you can't tell the difference between
> >giving people a forum to discuss ideas and giving people a forum for
> >hate mongering. It's a failure of judgement Doug. These red-baiters are
> >not your friends. You don't have to help them to redbait people by
> >giving them a forum for their hate mongering. Obviously I made a mistake
> >when I subscribed to your publication.
> How about that?
> So Barkley, you owe me some compensation!
> Doug

-- Rosser Jr, John Barkley rosserjb at

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