happy autoworkers- Not so at Saturn

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Fri Jul 10 13:29:54 PDT 1998

On Fri, 10 Jul 1998 SsarahT at aol.com wrote:

> He cited many things wrong at Saturn, including:
> -mandatory rotating shifts (!!!),
> -high injury rates of people working the line,
> -bigtime intimidation if you express opposition to the union/mgmt company line
> ("you're not being a good team member'),
> - union representatives/ stewards who represent 1,000 people (instead of the
> standard 250 UAW ratio),
> - a lot of favoritism,
> - Saturday work at straight pay,
> - forced work on MLK holiday,
> - no full transfer rights to other GM plants (unlike the standard UAW
> contract),
> - substandard pension ($250/month if you're at Saturn for less than 25 years;
> far different than the standard UAW contract),
> - no grievance procedure, and
> - employee rights not spelled out in the Saturn contract.

What, exactly, is the UAW doing there? This sounds like a standard nonunion shop! There's not even a grievance procedure?!? Why have the union at all?

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