happy autoworkers- Not so at Saturn

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Fri Jul 10 15:28:41 PDT 1998

They are collecting dues, protecting capitalism, living fairly well, exercising some authority and feeling powerful, investing, building a body of literature to immortalize themselves and controlling labor schools to protect themselves---same old stuff...best r

ps...the union movement wins only a tiny percentage of grievances. In this arena, unorganized folks are sometimes better off--having direct access to courts.

At 03:29 PM 7/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
>On Fri, 10 Jul 1998 SsarahT at aol.com wrote:
>> He cited many things wrong at Saturn, including:
>> -mandatory rotating shifts (!!!),
>> -high injury rates of people working the line,
>> -bigtime intimidation if you express opposition to the union/mgmt
company line
>> ("you're not being a good team member'),
>> - union representatives/ stewards who represent 1,000 people (instead of
>> standard 250 UAW ratio),
>> - a lot of favoritism,
>> - Saturday work at straight pay,
>> - forced work on MLK holiday,
>> - no full transfer rights to other GM plants (unlike the standard UAW
>> contract),
>> - substandard pension ($250/month if you're at Saturn for less than 25
>> far different than the standard UAW contract),
>> - no grievance procedure, and
>> - employee rights not spelled out in the Saturn contract.
>What, exactly, is the UAW doing there? This sounds like a standard
>nonunion shop! There's not even a grievance procedure?!? Why have
>the union at all?
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