Overtime (was Re: happy autoworkers)

Carrol Cox cbcox at rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu
Sat Jul 11 21:08:23 PDT 1998

Edwin wrote:

> > 1. no, people who work 80 hours a week have no life.

This is too glib. A lot of people actually do like work, even the kind most of us would consider unbearable. It is their life. It is their primary means of socialization. It is their identity.>>

Oh shit! This "most of us" is unbearable. What experience have you had, Edwin" with"peple who work 80 hours a week"? Why do you think so many workers died in the struggle first for the 10 and then the 8 hour day? You remind me of the son of a bitch who designed the cover of an atlas State Farm was still putting out in the early 1950s, showing happy dark folk dancing among the cotton fields in Alabama (there was some kind of decoration in each of the states in a map on the cover).

And those of my friends who are so puzzled at my objections to the pseudo-science of psychology should spend time pondering the forces (cultural, economic, philosophical) which have led continue to lead to the fatuity of "It is their identity."


(From all I know of anthropology, humans who are not forced by an exploitive system or unusually bleak climatic or geographical conditions tend not to spend more than 15 hours a week in anything that could be called labor.)

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