paranoid Jews? (was: RE: Michael Lerner bashing)

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sat Jul 11 21:53:40 PDT 1998

Frances writes:

> On Fri, 10 Jul 1998 Nurev at wrote:
> > But, I would suggest that Israel itself will be the cause of future
> persecutions of Jews in the diaspora. That includes the USA.
> > And, let's not forget that as recently as five years ago there was a
> full fledged pogrom in Crown Heights Brooklyn ironically perpetrated by
> Blacks.
> Joshua,
> I would love to see you make that *argument* about Israel being the cause
> of future Jewish persecution. Because, as your comment now stands, this
> sounds like typical ADL fundraising propaganda. Or does being asked about
> Israel's occupation of Palestinian land count as persecution?

I had been skipping this thread, but seeing this quote from Joshua I had to comment. I am second to no one in my condemnation of Israel and support of the Palestinian people -- but it is vicious and stupid for anyone to speak as Joshua does here. Nothing any "group" does has any real relation whatsoever to any kind of racist behavior or belief. Anyone who attacks "Jews as Jews" because of Israel is racist slob, and one should begin to shout down (drown out) any such shit rather than "argue with it." It is useless to "argue with" racism, and even more useless to argue with the excuses racists give. However vicious Israel is or becomes (and there are few states more vicious), rational people will never allow that to be used as any kind of smokescreen for even the mildest anti-semitism. (Is racism like pregnancy -- no such thing as a little bit?)


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