Should we celebrate the fall of the Soviet Union

Peter Kilander peterk at
Sun Jul 12 15:04:56 PDT 1998

I'm not well versed in the debate over the Soviet Union's place in history, etc. I became a self-consciouss Marx-reading, dogma spouting socialist back in '91 as the Soviet Union collapsed. I also turned twenty-one that summer and my drinking took a noticeable uptick. Maybe there's a connection? Anyway, I do know that both the U.S. and the S.U. used the Cold War as a pretext to quell internal dissent. Also, the U.S. backed a number of totalitarian regimes in the name of fighting totalitarianism (not a great word, I know). Since 89, the ANC was victorious in South Africa and Mobutu was kicked out of Zaire as the West set Africa adrift. And it looks like Germany is about to dump Kohl's large carcass over the railing. There is no doubt, though, that Capital is on the offensive.

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