Death of the Proletariat

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I meant to type "is paid like a prole" not "by". Oops ------------- Original Text
>From "John Woodford" <johnwood at>, on 7/16/98 9:09 AM:
If it works like a prole, is paid by a prole, has the relations to the means of production as a prole--then it's a prole no matter what age Drucker may say it lives in or what commodity it's trucking. ------------- Original Text
>From bautiste at, on 7/15/98 6:10 PM:
On the discussion of the death of the unions, the following Atlantic article at might interest some on this list.

As you may know, Drucker is the management guru who some say invented management "science." In this article he prophesies the demise of the proletariat and discusses what he calls the knowledge worker. You may not buy into his argument, but I think his discussion is provocative and insightful.

I know Doug H. has done some work in undermining the notion that we are entering the Age of Information and that this will bring the kinds of rewards that folks like Drucker espouse, but he has not taken on Drucker head on. Anyone know of any interesting articles dealing with Drucker's thesis?

chuck miller

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