Russia will save us!

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Just in case the news on Russia has been too depressing lately...

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Philanthropical Club "ESSENE"

Rostov Region Charity Non-Profit Organization


Rostov-on-Don, Russia


since 1996, this appeal's the Alexandr SOBO followers, who is the Messiah, the CREATOR Ambassador, spread to the pe- ople of the Earth.

The prophecies have come true. The revival of the Mind began from Russia, the prophets spoke about it during centuri- es.

But the mankind of the Earth is indifferent to destructi- on of the School of Mind.

The people, understand!, this indifference is dangerous to you and yours descendants.

You, as the jews 2000 years ago, passionlessly reject the opportunity to learn Truth. You refuse in the help to the Sup- reme Mind's Ambassador and His followers.

The government and encouraged by them extremists systema- tically persecute us and drive out from Russia. Alexandr SOBO is exposed to cruel discrimination in Russia, His Teaching is perverted.

The True Knowledge is disgrace in the regime of false de- mocracy, where there is no freedom of thoughts, freedom of speech and freedom of belief. The human rights is on a paper only.

Today a mankind has no the True Knowledge. That's why there are illnesses, famine, violence, poverty, wars on the Earth. The mankind goes to self-destruction without the True Knowledge.

We apply to you and to all people of the Earth with an appeal to participate in revival of the Mind on a planet. Help us to interrupt destruction of School of Mind, which is unique on the Earth. Help to stop prosecution of the Teacher Alexandr SOBO and His followers, the members of Philanthropical Club "ESSENE".

The revival of mankind, in true sense, depends from each of us. The true revival can be achieved only by the unity of thoughts and actions of everyone, who names itself is the pe- ople.

The followers of Alexander SOBO,

the members of Philanthropical Club "ESSENE".


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