Russia will save us!

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Thu Jul 16 10:51:19 PDT 1998

Dear Doug and the Left Business Observers, Has anyone read the Fredrick Forsythe novel about the restoration of the monarchy in Russia? Sir Fred even has a candidate picked out for the job of Czar. Truth maybe stranger than fiction. Sincerely, Tom

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Just in case the news on Russia has been too depressing lately...
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> Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 16:17:50 +0400 (MSD)
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> Subject: help!
> Philanthropical Club "ESSENE"
> Rostov Region Charity Non-Profit Organization
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Rostov-on-Don, Russia
> since 1996, this appeal's the Alexandr SOBO followers,
> who is the Messiah, the CREATOR Ambassador, spread to the pe-
> ople of the Earth.
> The prophecies have come true. The revival of the Mind
> began from Russia, the prophets spoke about it during centuri-
> es.
> But the mankind of the Earth is indifferent to destructi-
> on of the School of Mind.
> The people, understand!, this indifference is dangerous
> to you and yours descendants.
> You, as the jews 2000 years ago, passionlessly reject the
> opportunity to learn Truth. You refuse in the help to the Sup-
> reme Mind's Ambassador and His followers.
> The government and encouraged by them extremists systema-
> tically persecute us and drive out from Russia. Alexandr SOBO
> is exposed to cruel discrimination in Russia, His Teaching is
> perverted.
> The True Knowledge is disgrace in the regime of false de-
> mocracy, where there is no freedom of thoughts, freedom of
> speech and freedom of belief. The human rights is on a paper
> only.
> Today a mankind has no the True Knowledge. That's why
> there are illnesses, famine, violence, poverty, wars on the
> Earth. The mankind goes to self-destruction without the True
> Knowledge.
> We apply to you and to all people of the Earth with an
> appeal to participate in revival of the Mind on a planet. Help
> us to interrupt destruction of School of Mind, which is unique
> on the Earth. Help to stop prosecution of the Teacher Alexandr
> SOBO and His followers, the members of Philanthropical Club
> The revival of mankind, in true sense, depends from each
> of us. The true revival can be achieved only by the unity of
> thoughts and actions of everyone, who names itself is the pe-
> ople.
> The followers of Alexander SOBO,
> the members of Philanthropical Club "ESSENE".
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> Date: 16-Jul-98
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