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Marta Russell ap888 at
Thu Jul 16 08:47:37 PDT 1998


I now feel like I over-reacted. I did not read you between the lines. Had we had a conversation between us I would have picked up clues. This email can be very unclear. Anyway, I want to apologize for jumping on it so quickly.


alec ramsdell wrote:
> Thanks for the responses Marta and Doyle.
> It's that I'm just getting accustomed to this kind of forum of exchange.
> I sometimes take for granted things I can say to some, since they're
> accustomed to certain, er, habits of address I have. Of course email is
> very different from person to person, body to body communication. The
> thread in question was very instructive for me on this regard, as well
> as it was very instructive for the content.
> (Still, I cringe at those two posts of mine. I reserve the right to
> refuse their existence, as the personal occasion demands!)
> -Alec
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