More on Japan and American 'Democracy'

Mark Jones Jones_M at
Fri Jul 17 14:27:22 PDT 1998

Jim Heartfield said:

> Surely the argument of Soviet-US equivalence is blown out of the water
> now. Leftists find it difficult to face up to the truth of the matter -
> the Soviet economy was even less efficient that capitalism, where there
> was at least an unconscious regulator in the market. The Soviet Union
> lacked any meachanism for the distribution of labour in society, leading
> to grotesque shortages, fragmentation of the national economy,
> astonishing levels of waste. The picture of the totalitarian society
> owes more to the fears of Hannah Arendt that it does to what was really
> happening in the USSR, which was about as monolithic as the Ottoman
> Empire.
James, are you going to try and substantiate these wild assertions, or just leave them to crawl off into the night by themselves?

-- Mark Jones

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