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Fri Jul 17 15:12:45 PDT 1998

There is a concerted effort in Venice Beach to get rid of the more entrepreneurial types (artistic, religious, and chemical) who have made Venice into the Mecca that it is. The gentry are divided between the young upwardly privatizing who are being resisted by the long time traditional yeomanry. Permits and a much larger police presence is now the rule. The permit process is becoming more difficult. In true LA fashion they also solved the problem of all those unsightly poor people and "gang activity" by creating Universal City Walk which has replicas of various parts of LA and lots of stores. You have to drive a car to get into City Walk - no buses and almost surrounded by freeways. Santa Monica just to the north of Venice is also divided and can no longer claim to be the "Home of the Homeless" or the "People's Republic of Santa Monica". LA is also exceptional in its paucity of parks and ubiquitous home-owners associations. There is little left to privatize. Others on the list may have a lot more info on the City of Angels than me.

Tom Mertes

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