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Peter Kilander peterk at
Fri Jul 17 17:04:57 PDT 1998

After the Bulls won the championship this year, Chicago was basically under martial law. The police had road blocks up and as I passed through one, a cop stopped me and asked where I was going. "Home," I replied. "Where do you live," he asked with that Bud White from LA Confidential look on his face like he'd beat puddles of blood out of me if I made a joke. As the Soviets knew, this sort of stuff keeps down the crime rate.

Some Chicago public housing is in the process of being knocked down for having the gall to be smack dab in the middle of yuppiedom.

One thing I have to say for Mayor Richard M. Daley is that he gives good quote. The city is going to have to chop down a bunch of trees because of an infestation by some Asian beetles. I heard a clip of what Daley said on the radio yesterday. "Talk about a tree person. Right here. I'm a tree hugger," he said. "When I see them cutting down a tree, I'm upset. But like anything else, if you don't do things like this, you're going to basically destroy more nature, not just an eight- or 12-block area." "You'll destroy not just this city but this state and this nation."

Huh? Exsqueeze me?

Oh and there's the matter of the city actively courting the Republicans for the 2000 convention. It looks like a done deal. Daley is essentially a Republican, anyway. I can't imagine a worse way to start off the new milleneum than having the party faithful descending upon our fair city. In August, just as we're starting to recover from the turn of the milleneum whackiness - 2k bug, Heaven's Gate imitators, etc. - in comes swarms of Dittoheads and holy rollers for as far as the eye can see. Should be interesting.

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