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Thoughts of Chairman Jones

These are just some of the more sensible statements taken from Mark 'Jim' Jones' website.

They reveal the religious ecstacy at work in the mind of Mark 'the-End- of-the-World-is-Nigh' Jones. In the chiliasm of despair, Chapel-goer Jones summons up fantasies of a retribution sweeping down from the East, to cleanse the temple of its pestilence.

(Note the excessive use of naturalistic metaphors of plague and decay, so beloved of all religious thinkers.)

All excerpts from Theses on The Current Period on Jones' website:

"Such is the frantic acceleration of capitalism's moloch-machinery, such is the intensification of the frenzy of exploitation which sucks whole peoples and generations into its maw; and still it is not enough. ... The German revanchists tried to swim against the tide which sucks value out of the neocolonies into the metropoles. ... US imperialism is the heart of the vortex, and this is the pole which draws profit and superprofit to itself, bleaching white the world system. ... China cannot escape the dramatic crisis unfolding in Asia, as cannibal-capitalism gnaws its living tissue. China is inescapably caught in the apocalyptic spiral of crisis now dragging the capitalist world system down into chaos, disintegration and war. ... The stench of decay is growing; the dissolution of world-capitalism's structures and institutions is profound and unstoppable and therefore it will be the proletariat which will increasingly make the political running, as the crisis continues to deepen and the inexorable decomposition of morbid capitalism, the gangrene which has already begun to kill off its extremities, accelerates. The malevolent heart of vampire-imperialism beats inside the Washington Beltway. ... Will the world war be confined to Asia and the Middle East, and fought to the death between imperialism's proxies: India, Pakistan, China? The capitalist world has entered a cul-de-sac from which there can be no escape. The beast is writhing in its death-agony. Whether the world likes it or not, we will have Communism because the alternative is barbarism and the extinction of life. ... There is no alternative... to Communism This, the fundamental truth of scientific socialism, is no longer a prediction, but a palpable fact. The final struggle has begun."

Time to leave the cult, before you get a one-way ticket off of the Earth. -- Jim heartfield

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