Soviet and US Economy

Mark Jones Jones_M at
Sun Jul 19 10:25:48 PDT 1998

James Heartfield wrote:

> What Ticktin did was to save Marxism from its
> aboslute association with Marxism, for which task you ought to get down
> on your hands and knees and than him.
James, you are a bright guy and probably quite personable too. Your only defect (apart from your politics of course) is a certain tendency to let your thought process lag behind your typing. Me, I only have 2-finger typing so I'm slow enough not to suffer that problem at least, gerontologue tho I may be.

And now I am returning to my water-bed and my Turkish pipe.

- Mark PS and a pre-emptive grovel to the Malgosia snarl-hack if I've now exceeded my quota for the day. (Not that I have anything against Malgosia; she and I are great pals, actually).

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