Black Illegitmacy and Married Births or How to savage the poor with statistics

Nathan Newman nnewman at
Tue Jul 21 07:17:39 PDT 1998

Here is an interesting article on the massive drop in births by married black families. The importance of this is that, all things being equal, illegitimate births would naturally be rising as a percentage of all black births without ANY increase in "pathological" behavior by black single mothers, despite propaganda to that effect. Note the last line about black birthrates by single mothers being at a 40-year low.

July 21, 1998

Married Blacks May Have Less Kids

By The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) -- Married, middle-class black families increasingly are having smaller families, a result of higher incomes, more education and movement away from relatives who can help with child care, The New York Times reported today.

In 1970, married black women gave birth to 357,262 babies, the Times said. In 1996, the last year for which statistics are available, the figure was 179,568, a decline of nearly 50 percent and nearly twice the drop in the birth rate among married white women.

Experts say the trend means that married black couples -- whose median income is approaching parity with whites -- are able to give their children more of the advantages of enhanced economic status, like better housing and schools and more opportunities for cultural enrichment.

The trend of married blacks having fewer children means a higher percentage of black children are born outside marriage. However, the percentage of single black women giving birth reached a 40-year low in 1996.

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