life in NYC

C. Petersen ottilie at
Tue Jul 21 08:25:15 PDT 1998

> Thanks for the clarifications. I stand corrected. You were right, I was
> talking about Cabrini-Green. One thing comes to mind when reading this
> thread on the big cities. Am I alone in wondering when we'll see the effects
> of the Clinton's welfare reform kick in, as we approach the 2nd anniversary
> of its signing? By see, I mean things will start to occur whereby the cities
> will be forced to do something. I'm not an expert on welfare, but isn't it
> true that a large number of recipents (or now x-recipients) are rural
> people?

Yes. Everyone has forgotten about that. If there is also any sort of a stock market downturn next year, or any other large problem in the U.S., that will make for an interesting millennium or 'bridge to the 21st century'.

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