Brad De Long doesn't belong on a left discussion list

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Jul 21 09:43:13 PDT 1998

I belong to four maillists (actually 6, but the other 2 aren't relevant hear): lbo, marxism, leninist-international, and marxism-feminism. I would not want Brad on the last two of these (nor, I am reasonably sure, would he care to be on them). I would be indifferent to his presence on marxism unless too many subscribers on that list found it difficult to resist flaming him, in which case he would be a disruption.

But surely there needs to exist a list in which marxists can co-exist with, occasionally clash with, non-marxists such as Brad. As far as I can tell, he does not engage in red baiting: that is, he does not assume that a proposition is wrong just because its author is a communist. Hence he does not poison the wells of discourse here. One can at times learn from him; at other times ignore him. He is *certainly* not a M.... or a L... or a K...: each of them exists *only* to spread noise on whatever lists they post to. Brad has never done that, and I don't mind occasionally being reminded of intelligently held stupid positions on Mao's China.

I think those who are objecting to Brad's presence are the disrupters here, not Brad.


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