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Tue Jul 21 10:38:47 PDT 1998

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>Nice try, but you really shouldn't be so careless (callous?) as to use
>the term "illegitimate" to refer to births by single women. The
>propaganda has done its job (partly) if you do so...

I also used the word pathological behavior. Get a grip. If you can't highlight propaganda words when deconstructing them, then you really are in the trap of political correctness - not the rightwing version but the version which paralyzes analysis. You react to the word rather than the substance of the message, which is a total refutation of the whole rightwing attack on the poor and inner city minority communities.

The point is that the Right has used bad statistics and flat out lies (the same thing I guess) to delegitimize the worth and actions of poor people, particularly poor black women, in order to attack welfare and the broader social safety net.

--Nathan Newman

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