Soviet and US Economy

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Tue Jul 21 12:11:01 PDT 1998

At 09:33 PM 7/18/98 +0100, Lew wrote:
>Europe. This may be explained by the US dominance of this list, just as
>it may also explain the absence of East Europeans. Similarly, the

As the 'house Eastern-European" on this list, I belive that the "Soviet domination" was the best thing that happened in that part of the world since the region fell into decline relative to western Europe with the ascent of colonialism.

The fact of the matter is that "Soviet domination" was loudly decried by Eastern European intelligentsia, but I have a good reason to belive that it was a reaction to their perceived loss of privileges. They were put on equal footing, both financial and social, with workers and peasants and hated that passionately. But those few self-righteous voices should not be mistaken for the opinion of the entire people.



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