Soviet and US Economy

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Sun Jul 19 04:28:39 PDT 1998

In article <v04003a00b1d6c5c7dcef@[]>, Brad De Long <delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU> writes

>Who on this list sees *only* benefits from USSR imperialism from Eastern

Just look for the arrogance and bluster.

>(The only places where I see net benefits from USSR imperialism are
>Afghanistan (Najibullah better than Taliban), Angola (Jonas Savimibi is bad
>news), and Mozambique (almost anyone better than RENAMO). Everywhere else,
>I think the people would have been better off if the rulers of the USSR had
>simply never heard of the place...)

But we need to be careful to avoid subject-less history. Where are the people in these sort of accounts? What are they doing? What are they struggling for? In the absence of an account of human agency we can end up with a defence of the regime against the people. Bourgeois politicians and Stalinists alike are especially prone to doing this. -- Lew

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