Bob Black (was:Re: Economic discourse has got me down)

Frances Bolton (PHI) fbolton at
Thu Jul 23 07:22:39 PDT 1998

On Thu, 23 Jul 1998, C. Petersen wrote:

> >
> > Have any of you read The Abolition of Work by Bob Black? I reread it the
> > other day. I think he overstates the degree to which you can make
> I read most of that. Supposedly in his private life, he's a big 'ol
> hypocrite who goes around informing on people to the police for revenge.

Yes, this is true. A few years ago he was the houseguest of Jim Hogshire, who wrote books about growing & harvesting opium. Hogshire had opium in his house. There was some kind of arguement between Hogshire & Black. Hogshire kicked Black out if his house, and Black went to the police and told them of Hogshire's opium production. From what Iheard, Black is now persona non grata in those Loompanic circles in which they both ran, and Hogshire got a new book out of it. Title: *You're going to Prison*, it's prison survival guide. It seems good, although I suspect it's somewhat gender specific. I've read it, and, were I going to prison, I would purchase it and study it. If memory serves me correctly, Black was also the author of a book on awful things you can do to people who piss you off.

Cheers, Frances

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