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Thu Jul 23 05:01:50 PDT 1998

Frances Bolton (PHI) wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Jul 1998, C. Petersen wrote:
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> > > Have any of you read The Abolition of Work by Bob Black? I reread it the
> > > other day. I think he overstates the degree to which you can make
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> >
> > I read most of that. Supposedly in his private life, he's a big 'ol
> > hypocrite who goes around informing on people to the police for revenge.
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> Yes, this is true. A few years ago he was the houseguest of Jim Hogshire,
> who wrote books about growing & harvesting opium. Hogshire had opium in
> his house. There was some kind of arguement between Hogshire & Black.
> Hogshire kicked Black out if his house, and Black went to the police and
> told them of Hogshire's opium production. From what Iheard, Black is now
> persona non grata in those Loompanic circles in which they both ran, and
> Hogshire got a new book out of it. Title: *You're going to Prison*, it's
> prison survival guide. It seems good, although I suspect it's somewhat
> gender specific. I've read it, and, were I going to prison, I would
> purchase it and study it. If memory serves me correctly, Black was also
> the author of a book on awful things you can do to people who piss you
> off.
> Cheers,
> Frances

Maybe you ought to pick up a copy.

Cheers, Joshua2

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