French War Crimes

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Jul 23 08:34:46 PDT 1998

>If we are going to replay the Vietnam War, let's keep a few things
>straight. No conceivable set of facts (or for that matter inconveivable
>set) about the contending virtues or vices of various forces in Vietnam
>can change the fundamental fact that the United States invaded Vietnam,
>and that all Vietnamese who aided that invasion were traitors, all
>*knowledgeable* Americans who supported the invasion were supporting a
>war crime.

Let me say that I reject this analysis strongly.

I strongly reject any chain of argument that leads to the condemnation as a "war crime" of the invasion of the British Empire in the late 1770s by Lafayette and his volunteers.

I am glad that Lafayette invaded the British Empire to aid the cause of liberty. And I reject the claim that Americans--like my ancestor Artemus Ward--who allied with a foreign power against their own government were traitors.

Brad DeLong

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