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Marta Russell ap888 at
Thu Jul 23 16:53:47 PDT 1998

Tom Lehman wrote:
> Dear Doug and the Left Business Observers,
> Any good guesses out there on the number of Americans with incomes of
> over $68,400 a year. Number of households with incomes of over $68,400
> a year. Percentage of civilian workforce with incomes of over $68,400
> a year; based on a workforce of ____(what number) and why.
> Sincerely,
> Tom

No answer to your question but something relevant to consider . . . Michael Parenti did some investigation which revealed that the richest of Americans are NOT included in data regarding wealth. I briefly heard him make this statement on KPFK radio but have not done my homework to read the details although I think the crux of his statement may be that the Census Bureau omits the super wealthy...A fascinating accomplishment on behalf of the rich. Parenti concludes that reports about income inequality are skewed (obviously) but the omission would also have an impact on accurately figuring the number of households with incomes over $68,400.

Marta Russell

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