ontology of class and race? (was Alabama and Tibet (?))

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In message < at pop.igc.org>, Michael Eisenscher <meisenscher at igc.apc.org> writes
>my purpose in writing is not to argue
>the fine points, but to express my objection to your use of the racial
>epithet at the end. It was gratuitous, insulting, and demeans an otherwise
>valuable contribution.

The NRA was branded 'N-words Ruined Again' by black Americans at the time (it's in Myrdal, I think). I should have made that clear, since the ironic use of the epithet does not read if its source is not attributed. My apologies for an over-hasty telling, which must have read very rude without the context.

(I was writing an article about the race row in the Smethwick by- election, in which the Conservative candidate used the slogan 'if you want a n-word for a neighbour, vote labour'; my msword program indicated the offending word as a mis-spelling!)

> I would have liked to share your comments with some
>colleagues but would not do so as it would offend them and make me
>complicitous in the insult. I hope you will think about what it means to
>others when you are tempted to include patently offensive racial epithets in
>your political speech. Please accept this as both comradely and
>constructive criticism, offered because I otherwise have great respect for
>your contributions to the list.

And I am happy to accept it as such.

In message <35BC280F.90E33A33 at netcomuk.co.uk>, Mark Jones <Jones_M at netcomuk.co.uk> writes
>This from the London Times today (no endorsement fro me :))
>July 27 1998
> New research suggests our genes do not tell
> everything about the way we are, says Anjana
> Ahuja
> The nature of nurture
> Robert Plomin shakes his head as he picks
> through his salade niçoise and admits he is
> embarrassed

Evolutionary psychologist Robert Plomin was interviewed by Stuart Derbyshire in Living Marxism July 1997. I suppose LM is just ahead of the Times.

-- Jim heartfield

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