Privatization Pep Rally

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Tue Jul 28 21:40:36 PDT 1998

That's basically what he said too. Tell me, does nayone question that privatization is a "done deal"? The Albuquerque forum was just a way to figure out the details.

Has anyone seen the recommendation that the FICA tax be raised 1.1% for both taxpayer and employer, and this would keep SS solvent until 2075. Are there any serious problems with that suggestion? Are the numbers on this tax hike hard enough to make this a serious proposal?

chuck miller

Tom Lehman wrote:

> Dear Doug and the Left Business Observers,
> Here is a little exchange from President Clinton's social security
> privatization pep rally in New Mexico yesterday.
> Clinton: I've been "ah", seriously "ah studyin", for the last couple
> of years what we can do to "ah" save social security.
> Question: Mr. President what percentage of Americans paying into
> social security have incomes greater than $ 68,400 a year?
> Clinton: " Ah, ah, ah, ah... can someone on the panel answer that
> question".
> Yeah sure, he's been seriously studying social security.
> Sincerely,
> Tom Lehman


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