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Wed Jul 29 10:38:04 PDT 1998

What are the implications, if any, of this settlement for GM's vaunted new model of operation, the Saturn subsidiary?

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Frances Bolton (PHI) wrote:

>15% increase in production quotas, and a promise from GM to not close
>sell two factories before Jan. 1999? An auto analyst for Paine Webber
>quoted as saying, "I think the market expected GM to deliver a knockout
>blow, and they didn't."
>Looks like the UAW backed down because of the lawsuit and threat of
>arbitration. Looks like GM won.

My guess is that the UAW won the battle, but that GM will continue with its strategy of plant relocation and outsourcing. I wonder what Alan Greenspan thinks of this - there probably would have been no strike at all if unemployment were closer to 7% than 4%.


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