Privatization Pep Rally

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Wed Jul 29 14:33:05 PDT 1998

Hello everyone,

Max Sawicky writes: "I'm afraid a 'no changes' demand would marginalize the demanders."

Doyle I'm already marginalized. What does that got to do with getting the point across to not destroy the piddling little we have, to make money for the brokeridge houses. Thanks Marta for the very pertinent point about who gets their margins called when the age of retirement is raised to 70 and beyond in reforms.

Doyle To me Doug makes the exactly right point, don't offer compromises to them. I mean the philosophy here is how to fight some one who is going to really screw me and my kind. Just begging to give me the short end of the stick. Why do I have to sit around being considerate of the best compromise. There is a long time between now and then to make the case in a good way. Utopian without a mass movement on the streets. Humph! Can we worry about something else please? Hello! regards, Doyle Saylor

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