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Michael Eisenscher meisenscher at
Wed Jul 29 13:40:41 PDT 1998

WHAT'S NEW WITH SOCIAL SECURITY. The Century Fun's site on social security continues to be the definitive source for information about the program, the state of proposed privatization plans, and the public's response. From TCF's social security site come a number of additions, including: "Beware Privatization," by David Francis; "The Challenge Social Security Faces today," by David Langer; information about the Great Social Security Debate; the NCPSSM/2030 Center poll; the GAO study on raising the retirement age; the USA Today poll on raising the retirement age; "The Con of a 'New' Social Security Program"; "U.S. Debates Investing in Stock for Social Security; as well as information on upcoming meetings and events. See: <>

In addition, Peter Donohue and I had an article published last year in Z that debunked the SS reform proposals. I reworked and expanded that later for a presentation to the Labor Party. If anyone wants a copy, write me; if demand is large, I'll post it.


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