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G*rd*n gcf at panix.com
Thu Jul 30 08:38:18 PDT 1998

Brett Knowlton:
> ...
> On a related topic, I would also like to see more of a balance between
> "hard" subjects like math, science and economics and "soft" subjects like
> English and philosophy and humanities in general. All of the prestige in
> universities these days are in the "hard" departments - all the research
> dollars flow into these depts., creating higher salaries, better
> facilities, and the humanities get starved. This focus on "practical"
> subjects (ones that make it easy to get a job after graduation) is going to
> impoverish our society intellectually and make people even more docile in
> the face of economic exploitation.
> ...

Given that the academic system serves the bourgeoisie as a means of observation and control, any extension of their interests in the humanities would not be something I would welcome.

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