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hi-new at this. hope i'm typing this in the right space and it gets to where i want it to go. doug-thanks for many happy hard copy lbo moments. i never warmed up to your m2 etc. explainations, always read that page last but i was glad i had a clue when i was reading a BW article about the Fed guy challenging Greenspan on the basis of m2 expansion. suddenly the reality of what that meant came home for me. as the measure of money in liquid assets it means the majority of assets of the unrich. now that m2 is expanding this new Fed guy is advocateing slamming on the breaks and raising interest rates. why? because the unrich have a little more money?

because his friends need a better return on the money they want to pull out of the inflated market? that brings me around to reply to michael s.---i agree with your fairness agenda, hell i voted for nader, but i think the major thrust of the left ought to be changing the language of the debate. repetition and soundbites.

I think it was jim baird who said something about once you've adopted their assumptions, they've won. that's why my heart sinks every time a young person, forget that, my middle-aged therapist said the other day that you couldn't count on social secuity to be there. i, as always, chided her, saying that that's exactly what the powers that be want you to think so they can screw the american people again. you get what you expect in a way and that's what this whole right/middle govt is bad thing is about.

certain simple ideas in the mainstream are desperately needed, keep em short and say them ad nauseum. like perhaps the idea that every state is a welfare state, who's watching out for your welfare tonight? or, the idea that maybe the people who make your life work, they pick your lettuce, sell you gas at midnight, care for your parents and your children, maybe those people deserve a decent place to live, and a living wage, etc. a national HAVE YOU THANKED AN "UNSKILLED?" WORKER TODAY campaign. what soundbite could be employed to convey the thought that even people making very good money would have better lives if policies of economic justice were experimented with. more people who watch sports and jepardy and whatever need to start wondering about the pathological rich. they need to be shown that unless they're rich enough to pay their own hospital bills and hire their own private guards in their own gated communities than they're really in the same boat as the poor folk. i don't know but you get my drift. but still mr. shaughnessy your manifesto is righteous and as you no doubt know-it's all good.

mr saylor- nice to know i'm amoung other proles and remember, always tip your waitress generously, she might be me. and finally, mr henwood, i wish the left would also discuss the practical. it hit me quite late in life that yea money does matter. amazed that i think playing with my little stash is a blast. but what's a poor girl to do? nice chatting with ya'll-paula

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