Fairness Agenda

Jessica nsnerep at nscad.ns.ca
Fri Jul 31 10:25:37 PDT 1998

Yuor Fairness agenda reminds me of the Alternative Federal bUsget, a project of the Canadian centre for Policy Alternatives ( <http://www.policyalternatives.ca> Winnipeg. The AFB sets out how, under the accepted fiscal constaints, a natinoal budget can be formed which both meets the fiscal goasl of the ruling Liberals (i.e. defect reduction, debt reduction) AND repairs and renders sustainable the social safety net damaged beyond recognition by the Liberals and Tories cutting and chipping, using as an excuse that the defecit supposedly came from spending too much on social programs (they actually account for less than three percent of the debt - the rest is from corporate welfare). The AFB is formulated by representatives from the public sector: unions, health care workers, environmental activists, students, some private sector unions, anti-poverty groups and individual citizens (among others).

The AFB is a noble project which can serve two purposes: to politicise the previously politically disinterested, and to unify more of the left. It can't, however, in my opinion, succeed because its program still depends on reforming a capitalist system.

Not knowing a whole lot about your project, I suspect the same things could nonetheless be said about it


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